Peachblosssom Apiaries

Handmade ceramic honey Pots

Honey in tea, coffee, yogurt or oatmeal. Honey on toast, cornbread or biscuits.  Raw, local honey each day may help keep your allergies at bay.  

Keep honey for regular use on your table or counter in a beautiful, handmade ceramic honey pot. 

Our honey jar collection ranges from American ceramic artists' organic forms and naturalized glazes to Polish pottery featuring simple forms and intricate glaze patterns with vivid blues.  Made and painted by hand, so each jar is unique and availability is limited.  

$25-80 per jar.

All honey jars are made with food safe glazes and include a wood honey dipper.  

 Polish pottery is beautiful and very durable stoneware made according to an old tradition that is hundreds of years old. It is made of white clay that can only be found in the river beds of Boleslawiec in the South-West Poland. It is the finest quality pottery produced anywhere in the world today. Polish ceramics are distinguished from others by the uniqueness of its patterns. The heirloom quality of this tableware is well known for its intricate hand applied designs called Unikat and lustrous glaze that covers each piece. Boleslawiec pottery is fired in temperatures exceeding 2240 degrees Fahrenheit. The high heat used in firing process makes this kind of stoneware extremely durable and chip and crack resistant. Polish pottery dishes combine the quality of china with the durability of porcelain.

Although they look like work of art, they are intended for everyday use.   These honey pots are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe (up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit).  They are safe for use with food and do not contain any harmful chemicals such as lead or cadmium.